A day in the gardens

Today was an excellent day to work on the gardens.  I made sure I got outside since it will be raining for the next 3 days.  And outside I was for 5 hours!  There is always weeding to do and i did that first.   I worked in the new soil for the raised garden plots and planted shallots and lettuce.   I briefly thought about transplanting some black-eyed Susan's until I saw all the red ants.  Maybe some other time.....Then i turned my attention to digging up a few hostas and hydrangeas.  Each year, I pot several of these plants for the back deck.  Once I got to the back deck, I decided to sit down and enjoy the nice breeze while I sat in the shade.  Eventually, I potted all the perennials I dug up. 

I've learned to keep my explanation of what I am growing to a minimum.  I can see how the long list of plants can be quite overwhelming to others.   The raised garden beds are filled with companion plants and that in itself helps up the number of different kinds of plants I grow!

Anyway, it was a very constructive day in the gardens.   :)