Fall....mice... and just breathe!

The colors have been great this year despite what the predictions were.   I drove around today as leaves blew off the trees into the path of my car, not minding that a few hit my windshield.   Never tire of seeing fall leaves next to rock walls, old and new.   The tall plume grasses seem to change color daily.   The ferns that went from green to yellow are now browning out with the leaves crumbling to the ground.

I was surprised that I stood my ground at a farm stand today when I saw what must have been a rat crawling around the shelves.   Some people may have screamed.   I was amazed how big it was and by its long thick furry tale.    Later I thought how mice-romanticized rats-are portrayed in art and movies as they rummage through pumpkin patches or stands.  Or transformed into horses to pull an imaginary pumpkin coach.  As long as the rat did not hitch a ride home with me, I was more than happy to leave him to his adventures.

Though I am enjoying the fall and took it easy the last couple of days-as I surely needed to-I still know that I need to catch up on all my custom house ornament orders and finish the ornaments for the CAC.  No, of course I did not finish the CAC ornaments last weekend.  Such wishful thinking.   :)   I've been told by CAC that they will wait for my ornaments, but I risk not getting a good spot in the display area.   I can just do the best I can.   I am, as I finished another 3 of one design yesterday.    Well, I have to fix one of them.   Sometimes things happen.    :)

Looks like a good week for enjoying the colors, again....creating when I can.....and just breathe.......    :)