One order down.....digging & architecture

Hurray!   I finally finished the order of Christmas ornaments for the Cambridge Artist's Cooperative.  There are 7 different designs(which probably slowed down the completion.  It's usually 5).   With the help of my sis tagging, doing the paperwork and shipping them, the ornaments arrived one day later on Thursday.   The CAC suggested that I mail the ornaments to them any time during the year and I think I will take them up on that in 2017.

I had time to finish the CAC ornaments because my temporary f-time job ended.  It was a good 3 months at old Yankee Candle down in a Chicopee local.    I grabbed a Guest Pass to the Employee sale before I left.  Sis and I went this afternoon.   I was experiencing bad flashbacks when we walked near the wax hands station!  Noooo!  I don't ever need to make those again.  Spent 6 hrs one Saturday helping customers make their own wax hands.  Seems so long ago.  4 years.   :)

We mostly walked around the big store.  Our favorite place is the old time Christmas village.      Didn't buy much since I received a whole box of free candles at my job.   Sweet!

And because there are always holes to dig in the garden, I dug holes this past week.  I finished transplanting the hydrangeas today and the hostas went in yesterday.   The dahlia bulbs may not be any good by now with the below freezing temps, but I will check them out this weekend.   I didn't get very many dahlia blooms this past growing season.

As one of my friends says "you must be up to your eyeballs in ornaments by now!"   So very true with all the Etsy orders.  I will be working on a few large orders in the next week and then start on the other orders.  I hope to move most orders up to an earlier ship date than they have now.   The Yankee Candle job really put me behind schedule.   I know, wimper wimper.     :)

I hope to get a few visits to Smith College art exhibits.  There are some interesting shows there now.

And there is always the holiday fairs that are sometimes held in churches with great architecture.  There is one particular church in Hadley that I love to visit.  Made up of wood and stone.   Very nice people, great little fair, fantastic architecture!

Okay.....time to work.     :)