50 + 2

It doesn't seem possible, but yes 50 custom house ornaments created and shipped in 7 weeks time!... + 2 within the next two days that don't have to be there for Christmas.

There were times when I had to morph into a faster speed to get things done in a timely fashion.  I suppose I put my game face on.  :)    There were many moments when I seemed to be muttering to myself, for I was very tired on more than one occasion.   I did take time off here and there because I really needed the breaks.

It would have been more helpful to my sleep schedule if a work crew wasn't appearing near my domicile at pre-dawn for the past 2 weeks to load logs to a truck....just saying.   And I suppose I should go to bed soon because the logging truck will be here in about 7 hrs!

When I had to sculpt faster I often wouldn't overthink what I was doing.  And sometimes this definitely worked to my advantage.  Taking risks in a shorter period of time that often paid off.  The only time I did myself in was 4 days ago when I said to myself "go ahead impress me" in a ploy to move even faster than I was going.  That definitely back fired and stressed me out even more.   I won't repeat that.   :)   Slow and steady at a faster pace seems to work the best.

I put up a special sale that will have run its course by December 26 or whenever I get to changing it on my Etsy shop.  From mostly that promotion, I am now booked into mid-February 2017.   Then the price per custom house ornament will rise to $65 each, which is still at the low end on Etsy.   1/7/17***I decided that price was a big leap from $58 and set on a final new price of $61(obtained my first order at that price a few days ago.).

Still love architecture and sculpting after all that.  But am really looking forward to about 1 week or so off to just be.  Maybe paint.....maybe draw....sleep sounds really good....talking to friends and family.....walking in the winter air.....all really good.    :)

Merry Christmas and happy holidays.   :)