A creative life

I slowly got back into creating the orders from my Etsy shop.  Taking only 10 days off and knowing that 2 weeks at least would have been better.  Like most of the population in the northeast I have had my share of a cold that seems to keep coming back.   Sleeping more and eating better is always the best medicine.

I've gone back to sketching or doodling almost daily.  Perhaps I am revving myself up for a more serious composition.   I did construct a few more abstract cut paper works including one that is more of an exercise of contrasting colors and shapes that forms a stone wall.  The other two will be posted maybe in a few days.  There may be some other creations that are itching to come out of me before I begin an illustration on the baseball theme.   Even though I cleared my drawing table of all scraps of paper to prepare the drawing area, I may still venture back to cut paper.

This weekend will include being creative in the kitchen.  A simple beef stock is to be made in just a short while and part of this will go in the forthcoming pot roast that will fill the house with a welcome aroma.   During the winter with very cold and snowy weather cooking and baking is a nice activity to return to.   Slowing down the day, being present in the process of chopping, shredding, stirring and measuring.   Recipes can change on a whim when one feels adventurous.

January is also the time to turn the pages of the gardening catalogs.   Reading the descriptions of the variety of plant photos before you.  Wondering what new items to include in this year's trial of growing seeds and bulbs?  Returning to old favorites, too.   I was recently invited to join a garden group on Facebook.   I mentioned how I tried to grow ginger and tumeric without much success, but noted that one can indeed grow sesame plants here in the northeast.   It will be interesting to hear what other people have grown.  Maybe they can share their secrets with me on how to grow onions.  Those things still escape me.   I'm not an expert gardener, but have tried growing many different plants in the past years.   I can see myself taking a back seat to the other people in the group......I don't know,  I just enjoy what I do in the gardens.  

And so I must now go to start the beef broth.  Happy creating in whatever is your calling for the week!