Gearing up for Baseball

In drawings, anyway!   I just printed up quite a few photos to work from.   All shots I took from a Triple A game a few years ago.  It may have been 5 years ago.   I liked going to the game and taking photos for future reference, I just didn't like the possibility of getting hit with a baseball! Those are the small things one forgets when going to sporting events.

Back in my college days, I used to sit in the front row during the basketball games of our very small gym making quick sketches of the players.  Things got quite lively.  :)  Ducking here and there.  

I'd be interested in going to other sporting events in the spring and summer.  Probably college and beyond levels. 

I may venture out to the lake in town to see if anyone is ice fishing.  Possibilities for great compositions there, too.

....okay, back to sculpting houses and keeping warm.  It's been snowing for awhile now.  Good times.   :)