Too cold to be outside, so.....

Spring may be on the way, but it sure doesn't feel like it today.   Wind chill factor is very much below zero.   I gave the birds, squirrels and chipmunks(they really should be below ground!) twice the amount of seed today.   They seemed very hungry.

I baked banana bread from scratch earlier today.  And it was nice to pull chunks of watermelon and strawberries from the freezer from last year's harvest.  Grant it I harvested the watermelon from the supermarket- ;)  - but it tasted just like summer! 

A little over a week ago I did take a full 7 days off from sculpting and was not on the computer much.   It was a much needed rest for my hands and mind.  I haven't taken a full week off in a long time.   :)    it was even better with the warm front that came in.  It was in the 60s a couple of days.   I went on a few walks.  Once I got back to sculpting, I would only work up to 2 hrs at a stretch and then take a break.

I have been sketching baseball themes off and on.  It's been a little challenging sometimes.  Maybe more so since I'm thinking about other things.   Looking for more work, again.  A lot of sighing going on..... to look at the seed catalogs.  Nothing too fancy this year.  What I love to grow. 

Keep warm out there folks!