Spring into Summer

The day before the heat spell I took a walk on what was a very nice day with a slight breeze.  All was going well until I stopped to talk to a neighbor a little too long and was mercilessly attacked by no-see-um flies.   Soon I had to beg off realizing that applying buy spray while talking was not doing me any good.    Off I went.   Before I rounded the bend for home, I found myself and the neighborhood engulfed with a thin veil of smoke.   I did see the person responsible for the smoke going to the source to take care of it, but that wasn't in time to stop my lungs to be filled with smoke.  It took me quite awhile after I got home to stop coughing and breathe better.    The aftermath of the no-see-um bites took a few days to go away.  Someone pointed out to me that there is a pretty big bug bite on my forehead....I answered that "that looks pretty good compared to what was once there!"    ....it's all relative!   :)

Even though it was a beautiful day, there were challenges along the way.   That sums up the week at my self-employed work, too.   I obtained 3 orders last week.  One order took the natural course of initial contact, answers, set up of custom order listing and eventual purchase.  The next one lasted about 6 days with an ending of an eventual purchase.   The 3rd one was very fast.   The listing was purchased within 15 minutes. 

Other than the Etsy store, I've been keeping tabs on my seedlings.   Transplanting and starting more seeds.  Some are not working at all, but thankfully the basil has come through like gang busters.

Outside, I have been watching the robins take care of their 3 baby birds.  There is a nest on the back deck in a planter that apparently is perfect for this activity.  This is the 2nd or 3rd time robins have made a nest over the years.   I've seen the baby birds just after they were born with no fuzz and have watched them grow over the past week.   The happy family made it through the thunderstorms with heavy rain and the heat wave just a few days ago.   The baby birds are now fuzzy and all are sporting a rock'in hairdo.    The parents must be getting tired of fetching food as I see them flying back and forth to the nest with the edibles dangling from their beaks.   It's been quite the show and I am looking forward to watching the little ones practice their flying.  Update:  they all left early one morning and never returned.  Didn't get to say goodbye.  

I decided to limit my membership on www.freelanced.com.   Free level all the way.   I haven't gotten any work through freelanced and it was time for a change.

As time goes on, more changes will be made in regard to the type of art work I do.  Less stress on the hands would be best.   More painting.   I'm still working through this and it remains to be seen what will eventually transpire.   I may have to leave one art form that I have been making a small living from.  Have to be good to the hands.   A form of art work that is very much like swimming through water.  We shall see.  Changes are a coming......

Some things are the same, while other aspects of my life are changing.   That seems about right.     :)