Change-O of Summer Plans

Originally, I had planned to make a trip back to the Catskills-in my case-Hippietown-this week.  As of yesterday, I accepted a temporary job that starts training at the end of this week.   It's something that I've done before: working student rush at a bookstore.  This time around it is at the community college in Greenfield.  It's good to go somewhere new.

This will be my 4th college bookstore that I've worked at throughout the years.   The first one I worked at was the Boston University Bookstore.  Back then, it had 5 floors.  That was a great training ground on how to deal with crowds.   The new job won't hit those high levels of people, but there will be a good amount.

This gig will last a few weeks.  Good enough to pay for the electric bill, etc.   The campus is nice.  And interior of the main building was nicer than I expected.  The commute is not bad either.  People who grow up in this area think a 45 minute commute is long.   Not me!   All around, a-okay.

So now it looks like a trip to Hippietown will happen at the end of September/early October.  Maybe I will bring some flower bulbs with me to plant.

I may participate in the Etsy all site sale from 8/31-9/4.  Possible free advertising.   :)

When I moved out to western MA almost 15 yrs ago I didn't know that my second job would be that as a juror.  Just received another jury notice a couple of weeks ago.  This is the 6 or 7th jury notice I've received since living out there.  I delayed it because the original date was for in the middle of my busy season and it is also 3 days before Thanksgiving.


And last but not least, the farm stands around here are all full with wonderful produce!  Big eggplants for only $2 each!   3 green peppers for $1!  Love it.   And the tomatoes are available too, along with everything else.   I have all ready prepped enough peaches to make up 8 containers for the freezer, 2 containers of chopped gr. pepper to use for chili later,  watermelon, blueberries.  And a friend gave me so many blackberries from her garden.  I put 1/2 in the freezer as whole berries and cooked down the other 1/2 and made ice cubes out of the juice that we can add to drinks in the next coming months.  She gave us blueberries, too, but we ate those almost immediately!  I think cherries will be frozen, today.

And I finally finished the Halloween ornament prototypes.   Well, one of the designs may have to be tweaked a bit, but all in all, it's a good line up of designs.  You can see them on my Instagram site.  The last one will appear this week.   They will be for sale at the Cambridge Artist's Cooperative in Harvard Square in October and on my Etsy site some time in September(this month is now packed for time!).

...maybe I'll get to the Big E this year....maybe.....    :)

Enjoy the early fall weather!