Happy Spring

Just a day late.  I think it may be snowing outside.

I took a break from packing and donating things from my living space.  But sure enough, after being away for a few days, the mice came back to my car.   Emptied the trap today.  That makes 21 caught mice.   Not my favorite job by a long shot.  I say a few kind words to the caught mouse before  putting it in the woods.   It's sad, but necessary.   Sometimes I pray that they don't come inside my car.   :(

Been creating some abstract guitar drawings here and there.   House ornaments for clients, too.

I will be moving to a much smaller place and will be paring down my art supplies.  I think that for the most part, I will keep it simple and do mostly what I used to do years ago.   Drawing, painting.   The custom house ornament work will continue along with miniatures.   I've missed the mountains of the Catskills.   The mansions, too.  And don't forget the stone houses.

As much as I will miss some of the people I got to know in western MA, I miss the diversity.   This area is so much concentrated on the colleges and universities and the people who work there.  Apparently, there are artists, writers, and musicians in the little towns around here, but I have not met many of them.   Maybe that is my fault.   But, there also seems to a lot of closed groups.

Well, I've spent almost 16 years here in western MA.   I think that is enough time.   Home is on the horizon.  

Yes it is.     :)