Studio set up is almost finished!

It takes awhile to set up a studio/work space in a new local.  A table I had brought with me does not fit in the space and I've had to improvise.  I still have not found the table lamps, but thankfully there is an overhead light.

The clay materials and supplies are all ready set up and I will be working on that today.  There are a few orders to work on this week and the rest of July.

I am still tired from the move and quite frankly, from the past year.  There are still times of stress, but swimming a few times a week is helping to lessen that.  Also helps my body to recover from lifting and moving things-which I am still doing and will be doing for quite awhile.  I can see myself getting rid of a lot more things so that it is not so stressful.. Tag sale!

There is plenty of work to be done on the landscape here.  Things just keep on growing!!

One thing that I've welcomed by moving back here is the convenience of getting to places.  That was lacking when I lived in the boonies of Western MA.   It would usually take 2 hours to travel to a grocery store and do the shopping.  Here, there is a grocery store rather close and it only took me 35 minutes round trip recently.  That was fantastic!  A gas station is less than 5 minutes away as opposed to 8-10 miles away.   It's the little things, right?

I am still in the process of changing everything one needs to when moving to another state. 

I am glad I moved back to the Hudson Valley!!   Enjoy the summer!