One season is ending and am in the midst of another

In the past week I have been readying the gardens for the winter months.   Fitting in an hour here and there as I work through my orders of Custom Home ornaments through my Etsy site.   Today, I dug up all the gladiolas bulbs except for one and planted 3 hydrangeas in their place.  There is still one gladiolas blooming, but will be cut soon.   3 hostas were also transplanted.  And old tomato vines pulled.  I would rather take out the plants before they get withered by the impending hard frost that is coming in a few days.  

Over the next couple of days, I will cut the remaining dahlia flowers and dig up the plants and bring them inside.   I hope to bring some plants inside and then decide what to do with them within one week.

My experiment with growing ginger and tumeric did not work.  Oh well.  I think I had too many things going on this year to give them my full attention.  Mishaps and whatnot slowed me down.

The Christmas season in my Etsy shop is well under way.  I have several orders to create.  At the moment, it all custom house ornaments.

I hope to fit in some time to create small drawings and other artwork to submit to a small works holiday show.  I do need time away from the sculpting table.