Holiday Ornament Update :)

I'm steadily making progress on the ornaments for the Cambridge Artist's Cooperative.  Tried as I might, sleeping late today was not an option.   Once I woke up all I could think about was how one of the designs was not totally working for me.  This would be for the ever popular "sleeping in a bed" series.   The bear is out....the young reindeer is in.   One would think that the reindeer would have all ready appeared in this series, but not wanting the ornament to be appear too "Christmasy" -not a real word, but you get the gist-I refrained from including it.
Now, I think with my own twist on the design it will be fine.

In any case, today will be a marathon Holiday ornament day.   It may be very doable to get it all done.   Tagging and signing maybe tomorrow.....Ho, ho, ho!