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I spent a good half of today uploading and reformatting several of my cut paper illustrations to the website Society6.   It was interesting to play around with the images to see if they fit well within a product.   One image that I created from the original "Feeling the Beat"  took on a life of its own and may well be the strongest design on my profile yet.  While many of my work is available in print form and even tapestries, I still can't seem to okay a canvas print!   I have this block against printing anything on canvas because I feel the art work should be a real painting!     That is the artist in me, not the salesman.

An issue has come up with me sculpting so much with my hands within a short period of time and I need to expand my horizons on the creative front.   A new year has me exploring streams of passive income.   I have some ideas and where to go and Society6 is the first place.

I've had an account with Society6 for awhile, but haven't had the time to spend on it.   For the time being I believe the cut paper illustration images will be up there.  Eventually, I may eliminate some of the offerings.  Some work better than others!

Often I don't think I am a graphic designer, but as the years have gone by I have picked up some design principles.   I think that some of my designs come around the back if that makes sense.  I don't think I approach graphic design as someone trained in that discipline.  Building the custom house ornaments color by color exposes me to graphic design.   When I was attending college there was a small Conran store not far from campus that I would frequent.  I still have a mug from that store sitting on my desk that I am looking at as I type up this note.  It is a great composition of shapes and colors.   It is definitely still one of my favorite things. 

There is a lot of great work on that site.   There is a special on 1/22/17 for free global shipping.

My work can be found by searching by my name Susan Houldin.  Thank you for looking!