Snow Country!

The winter so far has been until now an unusual one.  It would snow then melt and then the ground could be seen again.   But February has arrived and the real winter season has begun!  Yesterday it snowed all day, up to 3" of snow per hour.   This morning in freezing temperatures my sister and I shoveled a path from the front door to the driveway.  18" high!    Grant it the neighbors did their part of shoveling a small part of the it, but our end is almost 3 times the length.   The cars were cleaned off.  That took awhile.   :)   And I did my usual chore of shoveling a path to and around the propane tank.   Never know when it will snow again and how long the snow will stay around.

And sure another biggish snowstorm is coming our way on Sunday into Monday.  Perhaps another ft of snow.  Good times, right?!  Maybe blizzard conditions, again. 

I'm not really taking a month off from sculpting.   Plans seem to change from day to day.   But I am taking a lot of time off in between orders to rest my hands.  I am spreading out the orders, too.

It was strange, but February 7th seemed to mark the change on my Etsy shop.  Two orders came in that day after a long stretch of none.  A few more inquiries that included a large order today(from a repeat    customer) .   Hurray!

I have been taking the time to read.  I hope to finish up a couple of books that I started a few years ago.  And for some reason I can still remember where I left off in the stories. 

The winter months are a good time to go through one's possessions and realize that you don't really need certain things after all.   I donated several items this past week, to be followed by other trips I'm sure.

I came across a band of turkeys while I was driving around last week.  It was hard to miss them as they were 4 ft high.  There were about 5 or 6 turkeys running around each other in a tight circle by the edge of the road and into the woods.  Back and forth they went.   I naturally stopped my car, put the window down and said "what are you guys doing?....bye!"   One of the turkeys was giving me a long side-eyed glance.    Turkeys never bore.    :)

I'm sure that there will be all sorts of opportunities to see animals in the moonlight tonight and tomorrow night, as well.