Back to the drawing board....

In between sculpting the custom house ornaments I have been teaching myself how to create fabric designs.   It's definitely different from my usual work, but something that I have been interested in learning for awhile.  I've found that one of the best ways to approach laying out a design is to look at patterns that I love in my own house.   What makes a design more appealing than others? 

As I said, I am a beginner at this and have been playing around with drawings that I all ready have saved in my graphics program on the computer.  Relearning all the ins and outs of the graphics program is challenging, too. 

A couple of family members are/were great seamstresses and I suppose I'm drawn to fabric design because of them.  It's especially nice to have the option of designing one's own fabric to have printed out and also not having to print everything is a nice bonus, as well.  Selling the designs online is a great option.

Anyway, I'm having fun putting my illustrations onto fabric!   I had a design printed up almost a year ago which I thought came out very well for my first one.   I plan to list the designs for sale, soon.

Spring is trying to come, but keeps being pushed back-like today.  :(   After such a cold winter with several snowstorms, most people around here are more than ready for the warmer weather.  I think having a garage for my car would be more than grand.   :)

I've been picking up seed packets here and there and hope to start growing several varieties inside soon.

Enjoy the spring weather wherever you are!!