Summer Doings

It's been a different kind of summer mixed in with things that I normally do.

Many of the seedlings I grew in the spring were unfortunately eaten by the large chipmunk population.   There doesn't seem to be enough food for all of them so they feel the need to eat things they normally wouldn't.   Critters have also invaded my car.  I have since placed moth balls in there which have forced them critters out, but have also forced me out, too.  Strong odor!  Hard to win in the country sometimes.   lol

Last week there was a critter climbing on the outside of the house.  At night, of course.  Just enough to freak me out.  That happened two nights in a row.  Then it was gone.

A month ago I visited my mom for a week.  Plenty of laughter, sleep, reading and tending to the landscape outside.  I did what was asked of me and then I got to put some design into the landscape.  Another visit in August I'm sure will be coming.

There have been the usual heat spells and more often than not cool weather.  Especially at night.   The perennials have done quite well this year with the tiger lilies blooming more than ever, the rhododendrons bursting with flowers, the lady's mantle growing wider and sprouting their light green stems and flowers.   

I may plant a lot of seeds in the enclosed garden this week.   Cilantro, lettuces, carrots, radishes, zinnias.   There is a lot of weeding to do again.  It happens.

I've been slowly designing and creating Halloween ornaments for this year's lineup.  Tough to do in mid-summer.   This year, I think a lot about designs......Still have plans for surface design. 

Been getting back into architecture in terms of drawing.  Maybe I will post some to the website soon.

It's one of those quiet, sunny, breezey summer Sundays.  More quiet for me since I am feeling the effects of a summer cold.  Working in sort of solitude.

Enjoy the summer!   :)