Halloween Time

it is often windy and rainy around Halloween in the northeast. Today it is the same weather as it has been for the last few months. So much rain. Too much for there to be a good fall foliage season. But, there are abundance of yellow leaves that are more than welcome to hang out for awhile. I like the light green lichen showing up against the soaked and darkened trees.

The chipmunks seem to be gone for the season. It is strange not to see them scampering about. There were so many, but now I suppose hibernation for the winter has started.

I have been working on Etsy orders. Catching up and starting to go faster for the holiday season. I will have to speed up to keep up! I am also making ornaments to sell at a fair that is coming up in a couple of weeks. More of my penguins, bears and other assorted characters along with introducing custom house ornaments to the area.

I am still unpacking. This goes in spurts. Trips to the dump usually include 15-25 flattened boxes at a time.

The mountain views here are quite wonderful. ;)