Settling back into the Hudson Valley

This past week I met a couple of friends from my school days for separate lunches.  One I have seen every now and then.  The other, not since high school.    It was good for me to socialize since this past year has been difficult.  I had a great time, yet it is still hard to make the initial step to set up a social engagement.    Step by step!   :)

 I started to tend to the landscaping, again.  So much to do.....

Orders for custom house ornaments for Christmas are atarting to roll in.  From new and repeat customers.  

Today, a trip to the dump was warranted.  The first set of moving boxes was recycled.  It did not  seem like much when I was taking then out of the car, but a start is a start.  20+ boxes.

Halloween ornament designs are mulling in my head.   Hmmmm.  I better get crack'in!

Well, off to do some work.  Enjoy the rest of the summer🚣🎡⛱!!