Daffodils are Blooming

I'm afraid that not much is happening on the creative front.  These days it is mostly still about downsizing and prepping for the big move at the end of June.  So much shredding!  So much donating, recycling.  Hey, somebody else can use the stuff I don't need!

Tomorrow I get to have lunch with a friend and then lug endless amounts of old computer instructional books to the curb for recycling.   Well, I do have a hand truck.   It is pretty clear which activity I will enjoy more!  Ha, ha, ha!    Must have ripped the covers off of 50 paper back books.  A lot of these books were dated from 1985-2000.   Time to be recycled.

I do have a couple of house ornament orders  and am almost at the end of a 6 piece order.  But it really is the slow time of the year for my Etsy site.  

Yes, the daffodils are all blooming.  Forsythia and hydrangeas, too.  Lilacs may bloom in another 2 weeks-especially after the warm spell coming this week.

I have been drawing abstract guitars in my sketch book.  Maybe I will post a few later.

Enjoy the spring and remember to get some rest!