One month from today.....

is the big move back to the Hudson Valley, NY!   There is still a lot to do, but I have made some headway.  A special thanks to my friend, Liz, from Virginia who stayed with me for week and helped me get rid of a lot of stuff!  Very tiring, but definitely needed and appreciated.

I just finished my last custom house ornament at my current location and won't start up again until July.   There is all ready one order of multiples on the list (for Thanksgiving!) and one custom pet figurine, both to be created and shipped in about 6 weeks.

At this point in my life, I have amassed so many drawings, paintings and sculptures that it is becoming more challenging to move them all with me.  Get rid of something else in order to keep the art I tell myself.  Though I have been using this reason when I want to keep items that belonged to my sisters, as well.   Tough calls along the way.

I did not see too many robins this spring, but I did see a young moose walk by the kitchen window a few days ago.  Boy, was that something!   Never saw one that close before.  I'm glad I was inside because you never know how the moose are going to react.

Sometimes I take breaks from packing, but I know I have to start packing up the studio supplies pdq!   I decided to leave out the pens and pencils until I get closer to the big moving day.   A few choice drawing pads, as well.

Enjoy the late spring!