Finding My Way Back

Aptly named title as I was able to find myself back at the drawing table this week.  Just a bit of time here and there after each day of sculpting.   No drawing, but back to creating cut paper illustrations/sculptures.   I scanned the recent ones in.  They came out darker than I wanted, but until I figure out how to upgrade my camera software to the Windows 10 version this is where I will stay.   I may take photos anyway since I reuse the pieces of paper.

Very busy week and quite tiring really.   As of tomorrow, I will have mailed out 10 custom house ornaments.  Two orders were of multiple ornaments:  5 & 4.  And there was a rush order of 1 in the middle of the big ones.   I would have been able to get another multiple order out if the rush order didn't come in.  

Once my Etsy orders are completed for the Christmas rush, I'll reveal how many there were.  Very soon my schedule will be filled for the holiday season.   I made a schedule for each week up to the last shipping date in mid-December.  It will be adjusted as soon as tomorrow since I really petered out today. 

Earlier this week I met a friend I hadn't seen in awhile for lunch.  "Soup on Fly" is a neat little place in Athol.  Grant it there is not much is happening in that town, but there are some really nice old buildings there along with the old mills, of course.   It was a good break.

What I should be doing right now is scanning in my house drawings.  I have to make up a graphic for the Etsy shop.   Tomorrow sounds good.  So many house drawings from my imagination as I looked through my sketchbooks.    And an awful lot of flying, dancing and jumping pigs!   Yes I certainly was surprisedand amused.   And happy to see them, too.   :)

I didn't get to the dahlia bulbs, yet.   Today was rather chilly with that strong wind.   Winter be coming for sure.