BAM! It's cold!

Last Saturday was the last warm day before winter set in.  After sending out another order(well someone else shipped it for me), I went outside and emptied the remaining pots of soil and plants.   It would have been more fun if the dirt wasn't wet.  Heavy, very heavy.   It took me 2 hours to shovel, hoist and wheel the dirt to the woods.  I also rescued the dahlia bulbs, replanted a perennial and took the remaining living plants inside.

Then it snowed Saturday night.  And Sunday.  And Monday.   All very light thank goodness.  But boy is it cold!

In other news, I've been making my way through the custom house ornament orders.  It is really nice to check the orders off the schedule I made up.  Sure, I am a little behind.  I'll make it up somewhere.   :)   Oh, and 2016 is now full for custom house ornament orders.   I all ready have 6 orders for January 2017 delivery(special sale). 

Last week, I took a break to see the Mum show at Smith College.  Very beautiful display.  No crowds.   Even better.   There were bees in there doing their job, but that was the only damper on the day.   It was a nice day to visit Northampton.

Sometimes I don't mind the snow.  Especially if I am not traveling.   :)  Snow showers are nice.
Walking in the snow is nice, too.

....till later.    :)